Transfer Orientation

Do transfer students have to attend orientation?

Are family members/friends allowed to attend the academic advising session with me during orientation?

After I pay my enrollment deposit, how do I know what classes to take?

Transfer Credits

Can I have my transfer courses evaluated by my academic advisor?


I see abbreviations in the Transfer Equivalency Database (TED) and Panther Degree Audit (PDA). What do these mean?

Some of the courses I completed at my transfer institution are not in your Transfer Equivalency Database (TED). Will these courses be evaluated?

What is TED (Transfer Equivalency Database)?

Where do I go if I have a question about my transfer credits, specifically, my transfer credit evaluation?

How will my transfer courses be applied to an FIU degree?

How do I know what transfer credits FIU will accept?

What is the lowest acceptable grade I can transfer to FIU?

How many transfer credits does FIU accept?

Will FIU accept my military credits?

If I have university-level transfer courses from an institution outside the U.S., will FIU award credit?

I attend college outside the U.S. How can I get my transfer credits evaluated?

I was told that FIU accepts transfer credits from colleges/universities that are accredited? What does that mean?

I'm transferring from an institution that is in the quarter system. How will my credits transfer to FIUs semester system?

If I transfer to FIU with my Associate in Arts (AA) degree, will my University Core Curriculum (UCC) be satisfied?

Does FIU accept AA degrees from colleges outside of Florida?

Test Credits/Credit-by-Exam

What credits does FIU award for passing scores in AP, IB, CLEP?

Where should I send my official scores for AP, IB, CLEP?

Academic Advising

Who provides academic advising?

What is included in my Student Dashboard?

What is my advisor's role?