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Biology explores living organisms at all levels–cellular, ecological, organismal, and molecular, while marine biology specializes in the study of organisms in the sea. Technological advances in molecular and biotechnology have expanded the specializations available to students in these disciplines, making them very exciting fields of study.

As a biology or marine biology major, you will learn about viruses, genetics, plants, marine mammals, and conservation, as well as analyze and evaluate data, perform laboratory experiments, and write and present reports. Students with a degree in biology or marine biology are prepared for careers as educators (secondary education and health), ecologists, microbiologists, botanists, researchers, fishery biologist, conservationists, oceanographers, as well as advanced graduate study.

Many students choose Biology as a pathway to medical and other professional schools. If this is something you are considering, discuss your goals with an advisor from FIU’s Pre-Health Advising Office as soon as you transfer. The Pre-Health advising team guides you through the requirements for your professional school of choice, including, but not limited to, coursework, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, testing, application and deadlines, and interviews.

The Department of Biological Sciences offers the following undergraduate degrees:

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