It’s Never Too Late.

Whether you are a learner returning to college after a long hiatus, served in the military and are ready to pursue your educational goals, or are a career changer looking to gain new knowledge and skills, we welcome you to the FIU family!

Adult learners have diverse educational backgrounds. As such, we recommend you review each of the “student types” below since one, or more of these, may apply to you. In these descriptions, you will learn more about transfer guarantees and transfer credit equivalency policies and procedures.

Regardless of your post-secondary educational background, all students must satisfy FIUs University Core Curriculum (UCC). The UCC is made up of General Education courses that serve as the foundation to any undergraduate degree. These courses are typically completed during the first two years of college, and include English, Humanities, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Arts. Many adult learners transfer with most or all of these courses. Students may complete any pending UCC courses in traditional face-to-face or fully online courses or through Credit-by-Exam, which offers a more economical and time-saving option.

Accelerating Time to Degree


Students wishing to accelerate their education through Credit-by-Exam can do so by considering CLEP, DSST, or Excelsior options. We encourage students to review testing options carefully and meet with an academic advisor. Most credit-by-exam options satisfy FIUs University Core Curriculum (UCC) or prerequisites in particular majors.

Credit for Prior Learning

Prior Learning is considered learning that takes place outside a traditional classroom setting. There are instances where students have completed competency-based fully online courses, workforce training or military courses. FIU recognizes ACE-approved courses either as electives or direct course equivalencies following review of course syllabi.

Discuss any prior learning with your academic advisor or Transfer & Transition Services staff member to determine if the learning is transferable and applicable to meeting degree requirements. Review our policy: Credit Used to Accelerate Undergraduate Time-to-Degree.

Enrichment Opportunities

FIU Continuing Education, FIU Online Continuing & Professional Education, and Osher Lifelong Learning Institute offer adult and non-traditional learners opportunities to engage in personally and professionally enriching experiences through face-to-face and fully online Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), certificates, and non-credit courses.

If you are a non-traditional learner looking for opportunities to gain or elevate your skills in the health care industry, visit FIUs Urban Potential Laboratories.

Senior citizens interested in auditing credit courses may be eligible for a fee waiver. To learn more, go to FIUs OneStop Senior Citizen Student Application.