ACE Evaluated Courses

The American Council on Education (ACE) evaluates competency-based courses offered by online education providers and makes recommendations for college credit. FIU accepts a limited number of these courses as transferable credit. Only the providers and courses listed below guarantee the transfer of credit unless otherwise approved in writing by the student’s academic advisor and Transfer and Transition Services.

Any student who meets the conditions below to “Earn Credit” can enroll, however, these courses are recommended for adult learners who need to satisfy any remaining FIU University Core Curriculum (UCC) requirements upon admission. Students can also review our Credit-By-Exam Tables for standardized testing options in CLEP, DSST, and Excelsior.

Students enroll directly with the online provider and they are solely responsible for all fees. Financial aid and scholarships do not cover these fees.

Earning Credit: Current FIU Students

  1. Before you enroll in a course, meet with your academic advisor to understand how the course may (or may not) satisfy degree requirements. For example, courses designated as “UCC1” or “UCC2” satisfy FIU UCC requirements, however, they may not satisfy prerequisite requirements.
    • Ask your advisor to confirm his/her approval via Panther Success Network (PSN) or email.
    • International students must secure all necessary approvals prior to enrollment (e.g., advisor, embassy, International Student and Scholar Services).
  2. Enroll in a course that includes a proctored final exam.
    • The same course may also be offered for personal enrichment without a proctored final exam. To earn FIU credit, you must pass a proctored final exam.
  3. After you earn your final grade, send FIU two official transcripts:
    • One from the online provider and one from ACE.

Prospective students can follow steps #2 and #3. If you have any questions prior to enrolling, please contact Transfer and Transition Services.

Saylor Academy

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CourseACE NumberFIU EquivalentValid UntilPassing GradeUCC
ARTH 101: Art AppreciationSAYA-0036ARH 2000 (3)3/31/202570%Humanities
BIO 101: Introduction to Molecular and Cellular BiologySAYA-0019BSC UCC1 (3)4/30/202570%Natural Science
BUS 204: Business StatisticsSAYA-0037STA 2023 (3)3/31/202570%Mathematics
CHEM 101: General Chemistry ISAYA-0028CHM UCC1 (3)4/30/202570%Natural Science
MA 005: Calculus ISAYA-0025MAC 2233 (3)4/30/202570%Mathematics
MA 121: Introduction to StatisticsSAYA-0032STA 2122 (3)4/30/202570%Mathematics
PHIL 102: Intro to Critical Thinking and LogicSAYA-0045PHI 2103 (3)3/31/202570%Elective
POLSC 221: Introduction to Comparative PoliticsSAYA-0029CPO 2002 (3)4/30/202570%Social Science
POLSC 201: Introduction to Western Political ThoughtSAYA-0033SOC UCC2 (3)4/30/202570%Social Science
PSYCH 101: Introduction to PsychologySAYA-0007PSY 2012 (3)3/31/202570%Social Science
SOC 101: Introduction to SociologySAYA-0008SYG 2000 (3)1/31/202470%Social Science
Notes: UCC designations (BSC UCC1, CHM UCC1, etc.) meet FIU University Core Curriculum (UCC) requirements but may not meet prerequisites in the major.
The humanities course (ARH 2000) does not award Gordon Rule Writing.


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CourseACE NumberFIU EquivalentValid UntilPassing GradeUCC
ANTH 101: Cultural AnthropologyOOSL-0046SOC UCC2 (3)8/31/202470%Social Science
CS 101: Introduction to Programming*OOSL-0069COP 2210 (4)9/30/202570%Mathematics
ECON 101: MacroeconomicsOOSL-0007ECO 2013 (3)5/31/202470%Social Science
ECON 102: MicroeconomicsOOSL-0008ECO 2023 (3)5/31/202470%Social Science
ENV 101: Introduction to Environmental ScienceOOSL-0055EVR 1001 (3)8/31/202470%Natural Science (no lab)
MAT 101: College AlgebraOOSL-0002MAC 1105 (3)5/31/202470%Mathematics
MAT 150: Business StatisticsOOSL-0011STA 2023 (3)5/31/202470%Mathematics
MAT 201: PrecalculusOOSL-0003MAC 1147 (4)5/31/202470%Mathematics
MAT 202: Introduction to StatisticsOOSL-0070STA 2122 (3)3/31/202670%Mathematics
PHIL 101: Introduction to PhilosophyOOSL-0060HUM UCC1 (3)8/31/202470%Humanities
PSY 101: Introduction to PsychologyOOSL-0027PSY 2012 (3)8/31/202470%Social Science
REL 101: Introduction to ReligionOOSL-0066SOC UCC2 (3)8/31/202470%Social Science
SOC 101: Introduction to SociologyOOSL-0035SYG 2000 (3)8/31/202470%Social Science
UCC designations (BSC UCC1, CHM UCC1, etc.) satisfy FIU University Core Curriculum (UCC) requirements but may not satisfy prerequisites in the major that require an exact course match such as BSC 1010, CHM 1045, PHI 2010, PHY 2053, etc.
HUM UCC1 does not award Gordon Rule Writing.

*CS101 course offers three programming options. Students are asked to meet with their academic advisor before taking this course for appropriate program selection.