Equivalencies Made Easy.

An important part of transferring to a new institution is knowing the number of credits that transferred and how they transferred. Transfer & Transition Services evaluates courses that may satisfy FIUs University Core Curriculum (UCC), which is essentially the first two years of college, or General Education requirements.

Upper-division courses are evaluated in the respective academic unit. Provide your academic advisor with course descriptions and/or syllabi.

Our evaluation process is holistic, and considers everything from course content and sequencing, to learning outcomes and assessment. We also evaluate courses prior to orientation so that we can provide you with an updated Panther Degree Audit (PDA) at orientation. And, because we’ve been building transfer rules for years, many courses actually transfer automatically!

Requesting a Course Equivalency.

  1. Go to MyFIU and check your Transfer Credit Report. This report is displayed as a table showing each of your transfer institutions and equivalencies for each course. Courses listed as “TRF” (transfer) or “No Rule” do not have equivalencies. We can review these courses if they have the potential to satisfy FIUs University Core Curriculum (UCC) requirements.

    Finding your Transfer Credit Report

    • Log into my.fiu.edu.
    • Locate the “Academic Records” Tile.
    • Select View Transfer Credit Report.
      View Transfer Credit Report View GIF
  2. Go to MyFIU and make an appointment with your academic advisor.
    • Provide your advisor with course descriptions and/or syllabi from your previous institution’s catalog, and include the catalog’s URL (web address) if found online.
    • Course syllabi from countries where English is not an official language must be translated by a certified translator or translating agency. Translations must be accompanied by originals in the native language.
      To learn more about international documents required, including where to send them, visit International Transfer Student Process.

    Finding your Assigned Advisor

    • Log into my.fiu.edu.
    • Locate Panther Success Network in the lower right.
    • Once there, your assigned advisor will be listed at the top.
  3. Check your Panther Degree Audit (PDA) for equivalency updates. In most cases, courses are posted within 1 week; international courses may take up to 2 weeks. If you have any questions, contact your academic advisor or Transfer & Transition Services staff member.
    TTS can expedite the review of a course if it is a prerequisite for a course you are trying to enroll in.