Meet with a Bridge Advisor—It’s What You Do!

If you are a Connect4Success student, you are required to meet with a Bridge Advisor each term. Bridge Advisors help you become transfer ready, which means choosing a major early, staying on track to earning your AA degree, and completing prerequisites in your major so you can enroll in upper-division courses when you transition to FIU.

Bridge Advisors are knowledgeable about FIU majors, minors, certificates, transition workshops, transfer scholarships, and much more. Bridge Advisors work closely with college advisors, who offer guidance on your academic/educational plan, career exploration, and registration.

“I gained a lot of insight about what to expect when transferring from BC to FIU. From the class expectations to the fees, my bridge advisor was always there to answer my questions. I had a really smooth transition.”     –Trakeivia P., Broward College

Bridge Advisors are available at Miami Dade College, Broward College, and Palm Beach State College. Schedule an appointment via email or phone to secure availability. Out-of-area students may contact a Bridge Advisor by email or phone.

Miami Dade College

Broward College

Palm Beach State College