Transfer Credit Policies

Transfer Credits 101

FIU accepts transfer credits from nationally accredited institutions, * including those that participate in Florida’s Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS).

  • 60 = Maximum number of lower-division credits applied toward the bachelor’s degree.
  • 30 = Maximum number of upper-division credits applied toward the bachelor’s degree.

If you transfer with more than 60 lower-division credits or more than 30 upper-division credits, we still review all of your transfer courses and equate those that satisfy FIU’s University Core Curriculum (UCC) and major requirements. However, the maximum number of credits applied toward the bachelor’s degree is 60 (lower-division) and 90 (60 lower-division + 30 upper-division).

* Nationally accredited institution: A post-secondary institution whose institutional accreditor is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Postsecondary Education or the equivalent for institutions outside the United States. Courses completed and/or degree earned must align with the institution’s accreditation dates.

Florida’s Transfer Guarantees

  • AA Degree: Exempt from the UCC, 60 credits applied toward the bachelor’s degree.
  • General Education Met: Exempt from the UCC, up to 60 credits applied toward the bachelor’s degree.
  • Credit-by-Exam: Awarding of credit based on state-approved equivalencies.
  • Statewide Course Numbering System: Awarding of equivalent courses under the SCNS.

For more information on the State University System of Florida, Board of Governors policies for transfer students, visit: