Connect4Success workshops help you stay informed, engaged, and closer to being transfer ready while you complete your AA degree. Workshops are offered during Fall and Spring Terms, and they are facilitated by FIU Bridge Advisors and college advisors.

0-30 Credits: Meet & Greet and General Information – Fall Term

Students have an opportunity to socialize with staff and peers via icebreakers and team building activities. FIU Bridge Advisors go over Connect4Success benefits, including pre-transfer advising to stay on track with academic goals, while FIU transfer students share tips on how to be a successful college student from day one! College advisors also discuss important campus resources and opportunities for involvement in clubs, organizations, student government, and more.

Key Takeaways: Connect with staff and peers while learning more about advising services and resources from your college and FIU, including academic advising and ways to get involved.

30-45 Credits: Group Advising – Spring Term

Group advising workshops are offered based on some of the most popular transfer majors or those requested by students. An FIU Bridge Advisor and major/department advisor share information about the major, including tracks, minors, prerequisites, and scholarships. College advisors also present on General Education requirements and how prerequisites can be incorporated within the AA degree, as well as baccalaureate programs offered at the college. Students also have an opportunity to meet with an FIU advisor one-on-one for more individualized questions.

Key Takeaways: Learn more about the upper-division requirements and special programs in the major, completing prerequisites as part of your AA degree.

30-45 Credits: Career Readiness – Spring Term

The purpose of this workshop is to explore ways in which you can become career ready while earning your AA degree. Do you have a good resume? Do you know how to network? Do you know what skills employers value in today’s job market? Do you how to secure an internship or job shadowing experience? Career Specialists from your college and FIU help facilitate conversation around these, and other questions, as a means of exploring initial steps in career planning.

Key Takeaways: Learn more about career development and planning,  as well as the resources available to you at college’s Career Center and online through various resources. Set a few career readiness milestones to meet before transitioning to FIU.

30-60 Credits: Transition to FIU – Fall and Spring Term

Students are guided through the reactivation of their FIU admissions application, as well as key steps to make the final transition to FIU as smooth as possible. For example, when to complete the FAFSA (financial aid) and how to add FIU on the application, priority deadlines for admissions and scholarships, and attending orientation. This workshop is typically held in a computer lab so students can update their FIU application on the spot. A college advisor also shares important information about requesting a final transcript with the AA posted and attending commencement.

Key Takeaways: Get hands-on support as you take the final steps in your transition to FIU, including transferring financial aid, sending your final transcript, and meeting transition/admissions deadlines.

All workshops give students an opportunity to meet peers and staff, participate in a Q&A session, learn valuable transfer tips, and take home a giveaway or two! #PawsUp
Event details are sent to Connect4Success students via their college email and posted on Instagram @FIUC4S.