The purpose of Tau Sigma National Honor Society is to recognize the academic achievement of students transferring to Florida International University from other academic institutions. Tau Sigma encourages and promotes involvement for transfer students at FIU, especially in activities and programs that assist other transfer students in making a successful transition.


  1. Enrolled full-time in your first semester as a transfer student at Florida International University.
  2. Transferred into FIU with at least one full year of academic credits from a previous academic institution(s).
  3. Earned a 3.5 or higher GPA in the first semester at FIU (must have been a full-time, degree-seeking student), or earn a GPA in the top 20% of all new transfer students for that semester.

Accepting your Membership

Membership to Tau Sigma is by invitation only. Students who meet the membership criteria will be sent an invitation in the mail to join Tau Sigma National Honor Society in the semester following their first semester at FIU. To officially accept membership and join Tau Sigma, students must complete the membership form and mail it back to the Tau Sigma National Office with their one-time $45 membership fee.

Tau Sigma is a one-time opportunity: Students who fail to respond to the initial invitation for membership prior to the indicated deadline are unable to join Tau Sigma at a later date.

Why Join?

As an organization specifically focused on transfer students, Tau Sigma is a valuable leadership opportunity as well as an avenue through which transfer students can enhance their connection to FIU and to one another. Scholarships are available for active Tau Sigma members, and every year Tau Sigma holds a leadership conference where transfer students from all over the country can interact with one another and share ideas.

Many graduate and professional schools ask about involvement in an honor society, and Tau Sigma will provide a meaningful experience to list on your resume!

Get Involved!

Connect, Lead, Prepare, and Serve. Tau Sigma offers something for all transfers! Monthly meetings and special events are a great way to get involved!

Visit, sign in with your FIU credentials, and request to join Tau Sigma’s page in order to see dates, times, and locations of our meetings and events.


Members of Tau Sigma are eligible for a total of over $75,000 of scholarships annually. In 2017, two Tau Sigma members from FIU were awarded scholarships totaling $2,500. Scholarship applications are available each fall. The selection process is based on involvement with the FIU Tau Sigma chapter, service to the community, engagement at the university, and continued academic excellence.

Induction Ceremony

A formal induction ceremony will be held in Fall and Spring to recognize the outstanding achievements of our Tau Sigma members. Members must RSVP to the ceremony, and are encouraged to bring their families and friends to help them celebrate their achievements! The Spring Induction Ceremony (for those who began at FIU in Fall 2017) will be held on February 4, 2018 at 1 p.m. in the Graham Center Ballrooms at MMC. Official link to RSVP will be available through our Tau Sigma page on RoarSync (NOTE: You must sign-in to your RoarSync account and join the Tau Sigma page first to access this form).

For more information about the FIU chapter of Tau Sigma, please contact Tau Sigma Advisor, Christina Andrial, at Like us on Facebook to stay updated and learn more about the organization.